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Poor HDD bay cooling


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Hi all.


I just bought 800D case, have 5 HDD's in it. 4 in hot-swap bay, and in bottom cage.

Temperatures in hot-swap bay are much higher then previously case I owned (HAF932, ******** P183). Temps of disks are never less then 45 C even when idle. Have configured RAID0 with 2xWD Raid edition disks, which has broken just after few days using disk case. Never had problems before, and thats reason I believe of high temps in hot-swap bay.

Question is, what to do to get some normal temperatures in Hotswap bays?

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Do you feel airflow from your hotswaps? (Put your hand on the side with the back panel off taken off). If not, there's your problem.


My drives are in the 28s to 30cs. The Black Drives get hotter when downloading Steam stuff (high 30Cs).


You haven't told us what drives you have either.

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