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Just bought 4 Corsair products, need help :)

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I just received some amazing Corsair products for my new build and have a few questions.


I would very much appreciate your input as far as assembly goes.

I know instruction manuals are for "basic" assembly with different mfg components, but since I have these specific Corsair parts, I wonder if there is a "better" way to set it up.


What I want to know is the following:


What is the best way to set up the fans for Obsidian + H50? Best fan location? Back? Top? Mounted outside the case?! I figured outside the case would be the way, so no extra hot air is blowing in, but I have been known to be wrong ;) I have never done any water cooling.

I have extra fans & could use a push/pull (although I am not OCing much)


If there are any tips or info you can provide, I would be very grateful.




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We have a video linked in the COOLING section showing H50 installation. The basics will apply to any motherboard. As far as push vs pull or intake vs outtake, etc the only way to know what is best for your individual system is to test each method head to head. For pure CPU cooling performance, you cannot beat bringing cool air into the radiator to cool the CPU assuming you compared head to head, apples v apples. Now, 2 fans out might be better than 1 fan in but you'd have to test it to be sure. There is no exactly right or wrong way to do it with respect to airflow direction.


As for the installation, technically you could put the cooler onto the MOBO before mounting it but it would likely be MUCH easier to mount the MOBO first. You have the back panel access for the MOBO tray anyway. And, mouting a MOBO with that cooler hanging off of it might be more complicated.


Have fun with the build! ::pirate::

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