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Hi all!


As for many people around here, I'm still waiting for a hypothetic firmware update for the X-Series.

However, I'd like to post my recently benchmarked X64 SSD, which I bought 3 monthes ago... and still performing as a rocket ! Not as fast as the day I bought it, but very close to that day ;):


I've never used HDD Erase, or GParted; never cloned my Win 7 x64 since I bought my SSD, I just applied some of the tweaks mentioned in the stickies, and I do use my computer everyday, about 2-4 hours a day ! I even save many of my downloads on this SSD (not good, not good, I know... :roll:)


So I want Corsair to know that there are happy X-Series customers, even if I must admit that I pray for a new firmware release every day :laughing:

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I have never said that I did not like my SSD. I in fact like it alot. I think the drive is great otherwise I would have left these forums a long while back. If I feel that a product is not worthy than I just drop it and move on. I am still posting in these forums because I have not as yet given up on the product, or the company. I am still considering Corsair for my upcoming second SSD purchase.... so i will just leave it at that. When the time comes to make my choice I will way the options then....
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