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Intel DP45SG getting 1 short beep and then 1 long beep?


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It seems to boot up just fine after the beeping but I want to know what is wrong and what this specific bios beeping stands for. I can't find this on the intel site for figuring it out. The intel site only shows for just a regular number of beeps, no short or long. I am running windows Xp Pro 32-bit. I have swapped out all the parts into my other rig to make sure they run properly except for the Ram and the MOBO. I also ran Mem test on two runs and it never showed any errors. I also updated the Bios to the newest intel version after testing out all the componenets I could in the system. I done all the swapping with the sticks switching which one is in which slot and tried just using 1 at a time with either time with no change. This thing has me perplexed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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