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TW3X4G1333C9 and Asus P7P55D LE


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Hi Guys I'm New to this Forum.:D:

I've been looking at some threads for some help.

My Vendor sold me the 4GB kit and told me that it was compatibale to the P7P55D-LE MB but looking at the memory compatibility list, this memory is not list for this motherboard.


I have built the system and has been running for about 4 weeks now, with no issues and seems to be very stable. :cool:


I am confused:confused:

Can someone tell me if this memory is compatible:!:, I can talk to my vendor if not as I wanted to get another 4GB.


And if not can someone recommend which module should I consider.:biggrin:


Thanking you in advance



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Hi Wired

Thanks for the quick reply

I just didn't want problems down the line.



Is there a reason why this memory isn't listed on the approved compatibility list for this motherboard? as I have seen it approved for all i5 & i7 CPU's. using the Intels P55 Chipset.



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