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Hyper transport sync flood error


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My system (two week old self build) has been locking up, mouse, keyboard and picture freeze and soundcard repeats the last sound over and over. When I reboot I get the message that a Hyper transport sync flood error occured on the last boot.


I have an unclocked Phenom II X4 955 BE Deneb and my Corsair XMS TW3XG1600DHX was installed with auto and SPD settings in the ASUS's M478T-E bios.


I was pretty sure that this memory solution was compatible with this board and processor, though now I am not so sure.


I have read up on this kind of error and the settings this memory prefers. And have entered those settings into the bios.



DRAM Frequency __802.7MHz

FSB:DRAM _______1:4

TCL_____________ 9.0

TRCD ____________9

TRP _____________9

TRAS ____________24

TRC _____________41 (auto)

RAM Voltage ______1.8v

CR ______________1T


The system does appear to be more stable with these settings, though I am not sure that there aren't other settings I need to enter manually. In particular raising North Bridge voltage, which is currently 1.1v.


I've run some stability tests with ASUS Overdrive Utility and there hasn't been any problem getting through them.


Any help, advise gratefully received


thanks in advance


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I would try running a few tests on it such as memtest and Prime95 just to see if there are any issues. If it runs for a few days without issues it should be good. If you start running into issues the first thing I would recommend changing would be the Command Rate to 2T instead of 1T. If you continue to have problems I would try each stick individually to see if it is narrowed down to a particular stick. Please let us know what you find.
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Ran memtest for two hours, Prime95 and OCCT for an hour each and there were no problems or errors.


I guess the 32bit Sim I have been running has some compatibility issues Windows 7... perhaps I should think about a dual boot... Wish I'd thought of that earlier. Doh!

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