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PC doesn't start up


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I own 4 * Corsair Dominator CM2X1024-8500C5D

My pc refused to start up, and i started to check one module at a time.

With 2 out of the 4 the pc refused to start up. with the other 2 everything runs fine. I also switched banks on my motherboard, and that went well too (As the 2 that doesn't work, were on the same bank, i first thought it was my motherboard)


Can it be that 2 of them went broken at the same time?





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I have already a few months those issues. So, i first replaced the power supply, then i changed the motherboard. Still having the problems of a pc that did hang just before the memory count.

Then i started to start up with one memory modul at a time. With two of them ( the RMA ones), the pc starts up fine, and keeps working fine for more then weeks.

with the other 2, the pc freezes at start up just before memory count, so i am unable to run MemTest on those 2.


As i am having no problems running on the RMA ones, i presume there is something wrong with the other two

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