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BSOD - Ram Related?


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Hey, first time poster!


My specs are in my profile.


Hopefully someone here can help me a bit. Recently built a new PC, and its only 1 month old if that. All smooth sailing until yesterday when I turned it on, and suddenly I get vertical and horizontal lines all over my screen, and my PC constantly crashed and restarts itself at the windows login screen.


Weird I thought, so I plugged my screen into my laptop and it worked all good. Ok so its not the screen. Plugged another PCI-X graphcis card into the mobo and still the same problem, although the horizontal and vertical lines were somewhat different looking. Ok, so its not the video card.


Started up, and this time went into safe-mode, tried a system restore a few times, nothing worked. Ok I thought, and formatted my SSD and re-installed Windows. That didnt work either, infact windows cant even finish installing now, as when it restarts to finish the installation process, I now get a BSOD appear and the systeam crashes and restarts again continuousley.


I have re-sat the video card, the mobo, pulled the battery out of the mobo, tried only using 1 stick of ram in all 4 slots, and still nothing.


So its down to the mobo or the ram. Surely 2 corsair sticks 1 months old cant both fail at the same time? Im going to try and borrow someone elses ram today, and see if this works. I will get back to you.


Does anyone have any other options?


At this stage, the only thing I can get into is the BIOS, and I'll attatch a picture of what it looks like.


Hopefully someone here can help, as a few people have told me its definetley a ram problem.





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