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Help with bios settings XFX x58i with TR3X6G1333C9


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I just got my return from my rma and the system is running great recognized all ram and powered up fine, cudos to your rma dept! I have been having trouble getting the memory timings set for the xfx x58i mobo and would like some help I already reviewed the posts that give timing, but the x58i board seems to have everything labeled very differently and I don't want to screw up the new ram. Also on another note I have the cpu running the oc profile in bios that runs it like the i7 965 cpu at 3.2GHZ so it might make memory timings changes a bit different, I know the memory is on the compatible list just would like someone that has changed the settings on this motherboard to help as the posts here I cannot even get close to guessing at which values to change in dram timings. Thanks in advance for the help! system specs are in my profile!
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