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HX1000 fan clicking: Is there quick solution without voiding my warranty or RMAing?


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Hello All,


The fan in my 1 year old HX1000 has started to click with each rotation. It started about 1 month ago and is slowly growing louder. When I pulled the psu out to perform a test I also noticed that the fan is rotating slightly askew.


I have read on several forums that this is a known issue with the fan and I was wondering if there is a solution that I can do that hopefully does not involve voiding my warranty. Could it just be that the fan or its casing was not installed properly?


It seems a shame to RMA an expensive and heavy psu so that the good people at Corsair can replace a fan. I live in Canada so the RMA process will be lengthy and cost a great deal more than a replacement fan (worst case scenario).


Any information or ideas regarding the fan would be appreciated.

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