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Another dead drive...

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I finally received my X256 yesterday (1/28) after corsair having the old one for about 1.5 months (they received it on 12/11).


And it is bad as well. This is the third one.


Details: The X256 has firmware 2.1 according to Crystaldisk info. I was able to install Win 7 and a few apps. I benchmarked it w/ ATTO, and it had numbers I would expect.


Failure: I left, letting the system go to sleep on its own. When I returned a couple of hours later, the system BSD'd as it tried to recover from the sleep. After that, the BIOS would not detect the drive.


Troubleshooting: I've checked the drive in another system, and it isn't detected there either. In each system, I made sure to test multiple SATA ports and cables.


Difference between this drive and the other two: When the other two drives failed, the system would act as if nothing was plugged into that slot and quickly advance to other SATA ports. This time, when the system POSTs, it hangs for a while on whatever SATA slot the X256 is plugged into, but ultimately does not detect it. So the PC know something is there, just not what. It acts this way in both systems.


Irritation level: High. I think I'll wait a few weeks before RMAing this drive to hopefully let them work out their problems.

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