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HX620 strange -12v readings


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I have a UK HX620 PSU.


All seems to be fine, but both SmartFan and HWMonitor show the -12v rating as anything from -6v up to -14v.


At present it is reading -8.16v


Some previous examples:









Do I have a faulty PSU?

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No all seems stable


It is a similar reading in various pieces of software, HWMonitor, Speedfan, AMD Overdrive.


I think it may be a sensor issue on the motherboard, as there are some other weird issues. I think the PSU is ok (for the time being) :) thanks

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I am still experiencing this issue with the -12v reading, and also the -5v reading.


Is there any way I can test this properly, rather than rely on software sensors?


As for stability - things seem OK, but I get very poor results with any overclocking of the CPU.

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The fact that there is no -5 volt rail on any of our PSUs (or any other ATX12v 2.0 or newer PSUs) should help prove that the software is not accurately reading the negative voltage values. I would not suspect that the PSU is hindering your CPU overclock in any way.
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