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Show off your H50 rig!

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Waiting for Fermi and/or ATi refresh to upgrade the video card, but otherwise happy...





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bought H50 two days ago and i like it :) i5 750 with Turbo Boost ON, temperatures at maximum load 50°






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Intel i7 920 oc to 4.0ghz on a P6X58D Premium 703 bios. Corsair H50 CPU cooler. Cool Master CM690 II Advance case. 2 Geforce 260 GTX in SLI 725/2300/1450. 6GB 2x3 Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D 1600Mhz. Two Samsung F3 500GB in Raid 0. Corsair 1000HX PSU



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I totally suck at taking pics but here is my H50 in action with too much flash.




For fans I was running Arctic's F12s. They're about £4 each and shift some serious CFMs.


However I have since upgraded to Crossfired 5770s and was noticing that the H50 in my chassis (ALX) was hindering the air from escaping out the back.




So I've gone back to air cooling for the ALX (which is my gaming PC) and will be using the H50 in my upcoming HTPC.




Sadly due to the design of the predator 2 the H50 (whilst doing an amazing job on the CPU) really needs to be in the front as Alienware did it. Sadly the Corsair unit has short hoses designed for rear mounting. However, I love it so much and it's so quiet it'll be quite at home in the back of the silver machine :)


Edit to add. I saw a massive reduction in temps using twin fans. Something mad like an extra -10c IIRC.

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Now i have 2 new noiseblocker for my H50






new push pull




super fans !!!!


My cpu temps with corsair stock fan was: idle 30/31c full load (intelburne test maximum) 75/76c

Now push pull how corsair suggest : idle 29/30c full load (intelburne test maximum) 64/65c

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So you guys that have the radiator in between the two fans on the inside of the case, what direction are the 2 fans blowing? What is the benefit of that? Just push more air?


They can be done in either direction, as intake or exhaust. And yes, the 2 fan combo will move more air and can increase cooling.

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In my case I tried both push/pull with exhaust porting into my case and out of my case. Overall porting the air out gave me better results as my 2 GPU's under load where spewing out hot air that rose to be sucked in by the fans. I adjusted a fan on the top of my case to suck in cool air so the corsair H50 system had fresh cool air to push through the radiator.


Overall 2 fans gave me a 8c drop in temps. I used Noctua fans as they are whisper quite.

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(updated pics. some changes incl. special black crossfire bridge :))


and the rig in action.....


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These are pictures of my rig. I am using 2 fans in push/pull with fresh air coming through the front of my case (******** Armor) passing through my H50 and hot air exiting through the back. Temps Idle 36 degree C and Load (Prime95 full load) 75 degree C. The internal fan is Corsair H50 stock fan and the external (within the case) is a ******** stock fan.



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Variable speed, I know some people like to have full speed all the time but I can live without fan and wind roar from my case all the time.


The ones on the H50 rad are 1x 1600rpm (Enermax Magma) and 1x 1700rpm Akasa fan that Corsair bundles with the H50. The other apparent fans are shrouds.


They are at ~1100rpm which is pretty quiet until CPU temps go over 50 degrees then they increase to full speed.


Case fan at the bottom is another Magma on the same arrangement. Top 200mm fan and rear 120mm fan are manually set 3 speed fans, normally on low.

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A little bit of modification was needed.







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