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Show off your H50 rig!

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I enjoy seeing photos of your sexy H50 RIG , so I'm creating a thread for Owners who wants to to post pictures of their rigs with H50/ Modded H50 only, and Let me start:


Here is my little beast rig, and this is for HTPC only.. :D


*CM Elite 341*


[*Photo*] 1, 2, 3..

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That's a cool stack o' fans, no pun intended. Did you do any before and after testing to compare that setup to the single stock fan?
YB, I didn't compare the setup of before and after yet. Because I aint plan to playing games or oc on this little beast PC. this is for HTPC. I have another BEAST WC-LOOP RIG for mainly GAMING only.


However I will do that, eventually.


That looks Awesome, too bad the X55 mobos don't have space like you do... is that 4 fans or 3?

thats actually 3 fans. two fans in back and one in front. one shroud is in middle of between rad and fan.


Wired- No this is not specs in my profile. i will modify my profile..

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Reversing the rear extraction fan to bring fresh air onto the radiator I thought was a contradiction of the designed air dynamics of the case so I opted to put the radiator at the front.This seems to work Cpu goes from 29,29,32,32C at idle to an even ~42C at 80%+ load GFX card is at 34C idle to 45C after 10mins of 3d benchmark. The system is not overclocked yet.....

One thing I'm unsure of is, do I need to use the ram fan assembly I would rather not as its really noisy in a whining way, but I cant find a way natively monitor the ram temp so its on for safety atm.I have 2*120 fans intake 1*120, 2*140 exhauste with a nocturn 120 for case circulation. I'm very impressed with the H50 performance and the free space it gives the motherboard room to breathe.




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Thanks for the quick reply good to hear the mem fans are not needed for default clocks what about if I want to push it a bit further what would be the rule of thum for the overclocking limits without the fans ? I'm a noob to overclocking btw.



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hi, joined the forum to post my H50 rig=


ok new pics (i hate the camera, rubbish quality pics)

stuff on PC changed over the weekend-=


- Prolimatech changed to Corsair H50 with push pull config and MX-3 paste


- side panel window with fan changed to tinted acrylic without hole for fan (received and cut only today)


- fans changed and lighting redone / added (again pics look more glary than IRL)


- applied Arctic MX-3 to both GPU's and ram on the 295 (not that you can see)



















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nice wysiwyg..


I want to put some lights in mine, but I was hoping to find a bay device with switches on to control them.. (I would want to turn the lights off while sleeping :P)


Anybody got any ideas about that or where to look for such a device? (please pm me)

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