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Problem with X128 SSD


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First, I wanted to start by apologizing for my English.


Well, I have got a x128 SSD, the problem I have is that the bios does not recognize it, I have an ASUS Rampage II Extreme and Windows 7 64 Bit OS, I activated AHCPI and nothing, I have tried on another computer with windows vista 64 Bit also nothing, and finally try a usb enclosure to no avail. Need to know if I do something wrong or i can do something to solve my problem, I'm going crazy.


A greeting

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Double check that it's getting power and that the sata-cable is plugged in properly. Also check bios if you maybe need to "activate" your sata-port.


If all this is good, you will need to do rma your disk i believe.


btw, your english is fine =)

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