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how tight can my memorys go ?


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I've bought a 6gb kit of ddr3 corsair dominator gt with airflow.

Latency: 8-8-8-24.


I've overclocked my evga x58 classified + i7 920 to 20x211=4.2ghz it's stable but the uncore is set to 17x so I'll not use 2:10 to push uncore further.

So i'm using 2:8 and this is giving me ~1800mhz of ram memory.


How much can I overclock my ram pushing the latency ?

I'm at the moment with 8-7-8-20 but I think it can take a lot more.


I was thinking maybe 5-5-5-17, do you think this is the max with stock cooler ?

I'm using memtest under windows to test it.

I'm with stock voltage too 1.65v.


Help me out here :)

I want at least have the same speed as 2000mhz 8-8-8-24

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oh ok!


I just would like to know what is the usual speed of the 2000mhz 8-8-8-24 ram memory ?

And wich software can I use to test this ?


I would like to test mine and go tightying the ram until I get the same transfer speed as the original kit speed.

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Good idea i'll save my overclock profile and get everything back to default.

Them load my ram with XMP profile.

This would give me the exact right timings of my ram memory, right ?


So i'l test it, never knew that everest could test this.

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Ok here are my tests:




This is the best I could give without oc the processor. It's hard to reach 2000mhz because of pushing uncore multiplier very high :(


And this is the 58% overclock I did in my i7 to 4.2ghz.

timing 6-6-6-18-62-1t




What do you think ?

Is 40ns a good latency ?


Can I push it a little bit further ?


Oh and my ram speed in oc is 1600mhz so I think it maybe can handle cas5.


What do you think ?

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I've started all over again with my overclock. I was pushing too much of my system.

The i7 920 and the evga x58 e760 are a wonderful combination :)


I'm at the moment with 4ghz for 24/7 with max temps of 70 degress celcius in full load with prime and linx.

Never tested super pi.


I want to know about the ram speed.

What is the dominator gt read/write/copy/latency speed ?

Am I pushing too much or too less ?


40ns is good ? can I get 35ns ?


I've ordered 3 blocks for this memory I hope I can get a better result.

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