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What settings for OC Two pairs of TWIN2X4096-6400C5C


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Hey there,


I just OC my E8400 to 3.6ghz and was thinking of trying a little OC on my memory.


Are two pairs of TWIN2X4096-6400C5C alright for OC'ing and if so what settings should I try.


This is my first new rig in over 5 years and my first time OC'ing anything so detailed instructions/suggestions needed.


Im not set on doing it either, if Im told that its not really possible or wise I wont do it.


Thanks :biggrin:

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Mixing 2 sets of RAM is not supported nor is it suggested. if you get them to run at 800Mhz you are already ahead of the game.

dont get me wrong, id never personally stop anyone from overclocking anything, but realize if it does not work or blows a stick you are not exactly covered under any warrantee and could be denied an RMA.


that being said, you could try bumping up the FSB a notch at a time until it wont boot anymore then back off 2 notches and hope you havent made a new keychain out of a stick.


good luck!


btw, your CPU is rated for 1333 fsb so you would have a swell rig if you buy a 1333 kit instead of trying to risk your current sticks.

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Thanks for the advice, I wont touch my memory. Its running at 400 so ill be happy with that.


I received most of the parts for my new rig for christmas and birthday so I kinda am stuck with what I got.


My board supports 16gb ram total on 4 slots so Ill wait and my first upgrade Ill buy a 4 chip kit of higher rated ram.... sometime far down the road when i have money to burn and that kind of thing is more available and cheaper.



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