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Installing TX650 on a Dell ET520 desktop


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I am trying to replace the stock PCU on my Dell ET520 desktop (2007, and the Dell support said it is compatible with generic atx power supplies).


I unplugged the cables from the Dell PCU, it has the following (I am very new on this, so I probably get a lot terminology wrong):

1) 1 24 pin to the motherboard.

2) 1 4 pin also on the motherboard.

3) 1 SATA connection to the hard disk.

4) 2 set of connections to the DVD drive and the DVD-RW drive. Both have 1 SATA and 1 like half sized SATA connection.


I can find (1)-(3) cables from TX650, but for (4), there is no "half sized SATA cables from TX650), so I can only connect the regular SATA one.


As expected, when plugged in, the PC won't power up. It does seems to have some power, as I there are yellow lights blinking around the DVD drives. The TX650 seems to be working since the paper clip test works. And once I reconnect all the cables from the Dell PSU, the PC works fine.


Am I missing anything?

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The "half sized SATA" connectors sound like the SATA data cables. Each HDD and optical drive should only have 2 cables plugged into them, one for power (which comes directly from the PSU), and one for data which would connect the drive directly to the motherboard.
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