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1066 Mhz Corsair Rams Running at 800 Mhz


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Hello everyone and sorry about my english.

i have a problem about using all my rams at 1066 Mhz. First, I was using a pair of CM2X1024-8500C5D in dual channel without any problem. Then I bought a pair of CM2X2048-8500C5D. I connected all the rams in dual channel mode. Bios was saying 6GB Ram running at 800 Mhz in dual channel. CPU-Z says the same.

I tried single connections, asymetric connections but whenever i connect all the rams, they are running at 800 Mhz. Then I changed the memory frequency to "DDR1066" in bios. I thought I have solved the problem.

For 3 weeks, system worked without a problem but yesterday windows started to give errors and then blue screens. I did latest Memtest and it resulted with many errors. I connected the rams one by one and did the test, no errors. I connected a ram to the slots one by one and did the test, no errors so no slot problem, either.

Now, I also had cold boot problem when all the rams are connected in 1066 Mhz. I changed the memory frequency setting to "auto" and puff! Rams are running at 800 Mhz without any problem.

Is there a solution for me to have 6 GB ram running at 1066 Mhz? I don't know about overclocking so could someone guide me about what to do? I am going nuts here :D:

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Unfortunately it sounds like you are running into a limitation of the memory controller. When mixing and matching memory most of the time you will need to slow down the memory speed from 1066MHz to 800MHz. You may be able to give your memory controller some more voltage and run at 1066MHz but that is considered overclocking and done at your own risk.
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