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Corsair Single and Dual Ranked DDR3


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I am building a dual xeon 5600 series system (Intel 5520 chipset). I have been researching DIMM ranking and understand that in the past the difference between single and dual ranking was vital as it limited maximum memory. I know that this is no longer the case for the 5520 chipset, ranking is no longer a big issue. However what I want to know is is there a significant difference in performance between using single ranked and dual ranked DIMMs, I know theoretically single ranked are better. Single ranked is available for only up to 2GB ECC registered DIMMS that would mean I would have to purchase 6 x 2GB DIMMS to cover both CPUs. Alternatively 4GB dual ranked DIMMs are available giving me a total of 24GB. Is the theoretical performance gain worth sacrificing the extra 12GB for?


From my research standard unbuffered overclocking DIMMs are dual ranked is this correct?


Thank you in advance for any advice.

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