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X256 & Lifebook S6420


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Following problem:

We replaced a Samsung SSD (first generation) in a Fujitsu Lifebook S6420 with a X256. The old Samsung worked fine and rock solid, but poor performance.

With the X256 installed the following problems occured after one day:

System hangs, after about 10 seconds -> blue screen.

Reboot: SSD is not there :( Turning all off an removing power for one minute: SSD is back, but problem could be reproduced :(

This happend with XP SP3 (Acronis image from Samsung SSD) also with a fresh win 7 installation. After about one day of use (about 30GB of data) the system crashed, the SSD was gone.

So we replaced the X256 with a WD Scorpio Blue - rock solid, no more crashs.


The Lifebook seems fine! The X256 seems to be the problem.



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Hm, I can't find any "warnings" on Corsair's website to not use a X256 in an NB, but a P-series.


But as Crazykiwi wrote that his X128 works well with a Lifebook S6420, shouldn't X256 either :confused:


Currently I'm not able to test it in a desktop system :sigh!:

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