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TW3X4G1333C9A question


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the ram model is : TW3X4G1333C9A in 1.5V VER7.1


i'd tested the ram with memtest86+ v2.11


The MB model is : P7P55D-E PRO last version of bios v0610

The version of bios setup is : V2.61


The legacy usb is in auto mode

CPU level up in Auto mode

DRAM frequency is in Auto mode


All the parameters of cpu and dram is in Auto mode


In Dram timing control :

all in auto mode

1st information :

2nd information : 1N.47.0

3rd information :

The dram voltage is in Auto mode with 1.537V

No overclocking mode active


Thank you!!! Mr ram guy!


edit : i tested single memory with memtest86+ v2.11 with bios settings in

I have 77 errors in one pass


In case of RMA does i send the 2 ram or only the faulty!??

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