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Help, cold boot problems driving me insane.


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My problem started when I upgraded my memory from 2gb to 4gb as in my spec, originally i had a MSI G33m M/B and with both sticks of ram installed if the PC was left over night and then powered up the button would light up and fans will run but that is it, no bios or anything just black screen. However if it was left for say ten minutes then powered down and backup again everything would work fine.

So i thought it might be a M/B issue so upgraded to a Gigabyte with the same problems and just to make sure i even went to my current board the asus, still with the same problem, didn't think it was a ram issue because why would work after 10 mins. Anyway if one stick of ram is removed it powers up ok, tried this with each stick inturn both ok, i've even change HD and recentlty power supply but to no avail,

Sorry to go on but it is driving me insane now, is it my ram?

Ps tried all different bios settings manual timings and auto also ran memtest with both sticks fitted for about an hour with no failures but have not tried each stick on their own.


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If you haven't already go ahead and update the bios on the motherboard and load the optimized defaults. Set the memory to 1.85v 5-5-5-15-2T(Dimm Voltage, CAS - tRCD - tRP - tRAS) and the memory speed to 800MHz if you are still experiencing lockups try booting the system with just one stick or try slowing the memory down to 667MHz to see if the behavior stays the same or changes.
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Thanks for the reply,


Sorry i'm late getting back, already updated bios made no difference, when i set manual settings as you stated and then reboot same old story fans come on but no bios creen.


anyway shut down the pc remove one stick of ram and it usually boots up however bios says that the previous overclocking attempt has failed and go into setup and restore defaults.


I restored defaults prior to changing any setting, and surely setting the ram to 667 is in affect underclocking, i'm confused, could this be a cpu issue as this is the only component i've not replaced bar the case.


gonna get a pal to try the ram in his pc to see if all is well,


Any more suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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