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Dominator GT problems


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Hi all,


I recently purchased some Corsair Dominator GT 2000mhz 6gb kit ram for my new gaming rig. Ever since I bought it I've been unable to run it at spec speeds.


The highest speed i can run it at is 1866 but my system is unstable with random reboots every few hours.


when i enable XMP the ram settings change to 2002mhz frequency, but when i save and reboot my PC gets stuck in a bios crash loop before the mainboard splash screen appears on the screen. I've observed my mainboard's (GA-EX58A-UD7) onboard diagnosis panel and it seams to crash with the error "C1", i've read the manual, googled different phrases but i cant find out what this error is trying to tell me.


Is there something im overlooking? was my hardware planning poor and i ended up getting incompatable ram for my mainboard? it's quite frustrating when i pay for 2000mhz ram and it only runs stable at 1600mhz.


Thanks in advance,


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I upgraded to the new bios, still having the same issue with some new ones. my old stable settings are now causing intermittent crashes. i am currently running it at 1333mhz at 8-8-8-24-t2 and it seams to be stable for now.


if i would have known about this problem i would have definatly bought a ram kit that will actually run at its stock frequency.

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