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Need Help new system


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Ok long story short, I had a problem with my old MB/video card. MSI sent me a new MB/VC, they sent me the same products as I had. I did not build the machine orginally so Im not sure whats settings were put in for the ram to work.

System Info:

MB: MSI P6N Platinum SLI

RAM: Corsair CM2x1024 6400C4 x4


When I turn on my computer I see the post screen then once the next screen pops up when its about to load windows my computer restarts and it continues this cycle. Im able to get into the bios, I called MSI the guy said its the memory that is restarting the computer. Please help me on this, do i have the change volt/latency/volts on NB? Do I need to flash the bios? Thanks

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Go ahead and take all of the memory out except for one stick. Go ahead and load the optimized defaults within the bios. Then go ahead and set the following settings 2.1v 5-5-5-15-2T (Dimm Voltage, CAS - tRCD - tRP - tRAS - Command Rate) and set the memory speed to 800MHz. Than go ahead and save and exit and try putting one more stick in and see if it will go into windows. Then go ahead and put the rest of the memory in if two sticks works. Please let us know the results.
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