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System Problems Asus PQ5L Pro and TWIN2X4096-8500C5


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I put together a modest priced system around 9 mos ago. Saturday, my wife says she found the computer in a BSOD reboot cycle.


She mentioned that the HD seemed to be really noisy the last couple of days.


I did some poking around, tried the system recovery console, ran chkdsk /r tried to format and install a fresh copy of windows. Started getting errors saying files weren't being copied, and my copy of windows wasn't valid. Which is funny as I bought it from Newegg.


I initally had BAD_POOL_HEADER messages, but when trying to install windows I keep getting to luna.mst and the install hangs.


When my system reboots, it says hard drive not detected!


When I looked in the bios I saw the timings were at 5-5-5-15, and it appeared to be running at the rated speed.


I can't get windows installed, the install hangs, and I get a BSOD.


My motherboard recommended not installing more than 3 gb of RAM, but did I listen? NOOOOOOO.


so, I think I have a failing hard drive? Possibly bad RAM?


I'm basically frustrated.


In the meanwhile, I've ordered a new HDD and a copy of Windows 7, hopefully that OS will work with my motherboard and RAM.

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Basically, I'm trying to figure out what to do next.


I can't install xp on my C: partition, it hangs during install.


I've ordered a new drive, and a copy of Windows 7, but am I wasting my time?


Do I need a different motherboard RAM combo?


I'd rather not have to buy a new CPU, I'd be rather bummed if I had to abandon Corsair and ASUS....

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When using 2 TWIN sets together, it is possible that you could run into a limitation on the chipset, to get the system to stabilize when using all four modules together. Option one is to drop the memory frequency to 800MHz. This will help the memory controller and allow it to keep up with the memory. If you feel you have a bad module I would recommend running memtest 4.0 from memtest.org to see if you can pinpoint a particual module that is failing.
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IF, I could install windows, that would be great. However, my system hangs when it gets to the file luna.mst and then will BSOD.


I'm thinking my MOBO is a POS. Not sure if my RAM is fried. I believe my C: partition on my HDD is corrupt. It ran dskchk several times, repaired all sorts of stuff, rescued orphaned philes.


This rig was a stop gap for a while until I built a new rig. Honestly, I'm rather disappointed in the quality of computer components right now.


Honestly, I'm afraid to purchase anything further until I can get my system checked out.


I am thinking of buying a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P and new RAM.


as it is, I don't want to put my new 1 TB WD Caviar Black HDD in this motherboard until I know it won't fry it.

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I'm only running one of the twin packs of 2 GB ram, for total of 4 GB of RAM for system memory.


The first person I talked to about this thought it was a RAM issue. I believe now I have screwed with my system long enough that I corrupted my partition on my HDD.

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evidently, you can run memtest from a bootable CD. I found this out AFTER I took my rig to the repair shop.


I've been working 6 tens and honestly don't have time to stare at my monitor.


It was rather humbling to take my system in, I've been able to fix my own stuff for many years. It's funny how fast this stuff changes when you've been out of the loop for a while.

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So, what I had figured to be the case was verified today, one of the 2 GB memory modules with a *Lifetime* warranty failed. I built my system 9 months ago. Satyrday she finally bit the big one, and went into a BSOD loop.


I had this installed in an ASUS P5QL PRO motherboard. Hopefully the RMA process will be pain free and quick.


I also hope the next set of RAM works.......

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