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VX550 and the Abit IP35-E


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I saw some older threads regarding the HX and VX series and problems with the (now very old) IP35-e, was there ever any resolution?


I've resigned myself to constantly keeping the computer on when it works, reboots work fine, but when I find myself in a cold boot situation it takes a couple hours of trying before the magical situation happens where the system boots up.


I will be getting an additional power supply to narrow down if it is in fact the psu, but I thought I'd ask here in the meantime.





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I would make sure that you have the latest BIOS for the board, and then load setup defaults in the BIOS. You may also want to test the Corsair PSU in a different system and see if you can duplicate the same problems. If all else fails let us know and we can try replacing the unit for you.
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The conclusion was that the issue was with the board or BIOS and not with the PSUs. I'm not sure if you can still RMA ABIT MOBOs as they are out of business. At one point they were reportedly going to offer some support after they stopped actively developing and selling MOBOs. But, I don't know the current status.
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Following up. There are days I don't understand hardware at all.


1. VX550, Abit IP35-E, 2 sticks old ram = failure to boot

2. VX550, Abit IP35-E, 1 stick old ram = boot

3. VX550, Abit IP35-E, 2 sticks new ram = boot


So there I thought, must be faulty ram, although the ram works fine in a different machine running memtest86, but then...


1. BFG450W psu, Abit IP35-E, 2 stick old ram = boot


odd. In any case, the ram is the cheaper alternative, and I can always use the ram in one of my WHS machines.


Thanks for the prompt help as always!

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