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Unable to reach 1600 timings, mixed memory from manufacturer, other problems


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Last year I brought a pre overclocked PC, but it never really ran properly at the settings they gave me, so I underclocked it and due to being busy never really sorted it out.


However with a little time, I found the problem to be seemingly not enough voltage getting to the RAM. The system was supposed to run at 3.3ghz, but before this RAM tweak was not very stable even at 3-3.1ghz.


Corsair power supply, and the RAM, which seems to be different, and I thought maybe the problem? I have two sticks, one CM3X2G1600C9DHX and one CM3X2048-1600C7DHX. Looking at CPUZ etc they seem to have different timings etc. Since I brought the PC in April they wont let me RMA them I would think.


I can run the PC ok with RAM around 1333, cpu at 3.3ghz with moderate voltage increases. I do have the RAM voltage @ 1.8v, is this a safe voltage for these two sticks? Do you think that using these sticks together is a bad idea in general?


Seems stable enough now, but 1600 speed on the RAM seems right out, no matter the latency.


Thanks for your time.

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Managed to get them out and back in again despite some shakey hands!


Seems they are different.





VER 3.2


2. CM3X2048-1600C7DHX





Sorry got the fear there

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I remeber they said that as they had ran out of the RAM I meant to have, they had given me some that was better. They didnt mention that they only gave me one stick though. I would have guessed they should both be 1600 able by looking them up but dont pretend to understand how mixing would stop this.


Thanks for the help though, will get in touch with them.



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