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TX750W Problem


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Hello there,


I was using the computer last night with no high load application and out of nowhere the computer just powered off.


I tried to power it up again but all it did was spin the case fans and CPU fan for like half a second and that's all. I then unplugged every device from the PSU (including HD) but the motherboard. Same problem. It wouldn't start. All I get is 0,5 s of power. The CPU/RAM/Video Card are not overclocked.


I switched PSU with an old one (480W) and plugged only the motherboard to it. The system started. Couldn't test it with all the devices because this PSU doesn't have all the connectors. I might test this later with a friends PSU.


I did the paperclip test to the Corsair PSU and it worked. Fan worked like it should, no strange sounds neither on nor off.


What should I do? RMA?



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