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Corsair Survivor GT 32 GB now have some parts made of plastic? What?


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I have been using corsair memory products stuff ,Ram, flash, even there short lived SD card products (that I miss where did all the SD cards go?) I never questioned any build of them until I saw this.


I have owned a Blue label 8gb corsair Survivor, and a red label 8gb GT corsair Survivor in the past so I have just ordered another 32gb today, I have not got it in the mail yet but I noticed this after ordering.



The inside part of the drive used to be made of mostly aluminum like the covers in the 8gb line both GT and normal blue drives.



As seen here…Not my picture.










Now the 32gb models seems to have a few changes.






It seems to now be black plastic all the way around the most important part of the drive…. Of this I only have this to say …..HUH WHAT,WHY have you forsaken us?












The blue label 32gb models seem to still be made of mostly aluminum around the drive still but the 32 gb GT went to plastic? I thought the GT line was supposed to be everything the blue label normal line was and more?


I hope I am wrong and it is just black paint or something better like carbon fiber since I paid a little more for the 32GT and I want to have aluminum housing like my other Survivor drives not plastic and would not be pleased if this is true.








also videos here.








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My 32GB gt survivor arrived in the mail box today, and it is indeed just as I thought very much made of plastic on the inside now.


I would have taken pictures of the drives side by side but I was to lazy to get out my cameras. (and one has a sticker with my name and address/phone on it I would have to blur out.) The entire black section that contains the Flash memory chips is made out of a very flimsy black plastic (not carbon fiber or anything fancy think toy plastic at least by feel) that even has an echo when tap on it.



I am pretty disappointed at this change since the survivor line was not this way before my other survivor drives have mostly a heavy aluminum housing around the drive I can even feel a weight difference between the old Survivor drives and the 32GB drive.


(and if I had to pick between light weight and protection I would pick metal protection since the drives are not that heavy anyway.)


So what is the deal corsair for the this reduction of housing build quality on the newer 32GB survivor GT models?


I was very happy with my other older survivor drives build quality it was tuff even out of it’s protective cap with the albumin housing. I don’t even think the new black plastic could even survive being stepped on by a human with out the cap on now.



The GT drive is very fast reading and writing however... but seriously what is the deal with the new housing?

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The strength of the Survivor is when it is assembled. Once you remove the drive from the protected portion of the housing, the drive is succeptible to damage like any other USB drive. The weakest point is the metal portion of the drive that covers the contacts and inserts into a USB port. There is a solder joint there that is the junction between the contacts and the PCB. The plastic versions will protect the drive as well as the aluminum versions.
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