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Corsair Dominator PC8500 issues after a 2nd RMA


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I've received my new Corsair memory yesterday, but after a check with Memetest86+ v4.0, it ended up with errors.


I have 2 sets of Corsair Twin 2 x 2 Go DDRII PC8500 CAS 5 Dominator.

One module is a ver 1.1 and the other ver 1.2.


My BIOS version is up to date : F10 on Gigabyte EP45 DS3R and it is set up like this :








I have tested the memory with this settings :


(1) Test Selection : (1) Default Tests

(2) Address Range : (3) Test all Memory

(3) Memory Sizing : N/A

(4) Error Report Mode : (4) Error Counts Only

(5) Show DMI Memory Info : N/A

(6) ECC Mode : (2) On

(7) Restart …


Tests have been done for one module at a time and on various slots of the motherboard.


The results were the same. Modules ver 1.1 is working fine … but Memtest shows errors on each module ver 1.2.


It is the second time I ask for an RMA replacement but modules still don’t work. I don’t understand why it’is working with one module and not with the others … And as I don’t think I’ve received two bad pairs of Corsair Dominator memory, I’m hoping someone can shed some light one this issue.

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Just use the default tests in memtest and with 4 modules DDR667 or DDR800 would be suggested.

What do you mean ?

Do I have to change the BIOS setting to test Memory frequency at 667 Mhz or 800 Mhz ?


Do not change any of the settings and these modules are nonECC so why would you enable it?
Oops, I'll do the test again.
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Ok, here are the results :


The default tests in memtest and with 4 modules DDR800 : OK





If I play a little with the frequency, I have some module that works at DDR1020 ... (and at DDR1066)




... and some who doesn't :




Even if frequency is set to DDR1000 :





I don't understand because it is suppose to work at 1066MHz, isn't it ?

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With only one set yes and when over clocking the CPU did you lower the CPU Multiplier as you raised the CPU Frequency?


Here is a snap with underclock CPU (manual set to 2 GHz) (Q6600 is sold to work at 2.4 GHz.) and set ver 1.2.





In auto safe mode (cause it crashes when I choose 2.4GHz CPU frequency) ...



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I did what you've told me, but no differences :[pouts:


Checklist :

Clear the CMOS,

reboot to BIOS,

disable Legacy USB Support,

set the memory voltage and timings manually, set the memory frequency manually


Here are the settings :









and test each module individually for 3-5 passes each.


The results with one module ver 1.2 ...




... and the other module ver 1.2.




Results from the other set (ver 1.1) which are successful after 4 pass.



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the main problem is you are mixing sets of ram.

just set it to DDR800 like you did here http://monimag.eu/upload/364/800_ok.jpg and that may fix you up. if not you may consider buying a matching set of ram from 1 package. mixing sets is unsupported and not recommended.


good luck.


btw, im sure you can RMA a bad pair if thats what you have but try all 4 at ddr800 unless i missed the pic that you did already.

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I have tested each modules individually.

Set ver 1.2 seems to be bad. It is not working even at 1066Mhz with underclock CPU.

Set ver 1.1 is OK


Is it possible to request an RMA for all 4 modules in order to have the same version for each ?

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry but there is no way to order by version number and no way to know for sure what version would be sent.

But you can request an RMA for both sets but there is no guarantee they will both be the same version.


Let's get them both replaced. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!

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