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Don't put all your trust in memtest


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I had several years of misery with my computer and i couldn't really find the culprit.


I scanned my memory countless times with memtest, did a lot of chkdsk and checked the hdd with a hdd utility tool, changed my power supply, changed the motherboard, had 3 video card RMA, spent countless hours trying to figure out the source of my problem.


I was finally able to detect one bad stick of memory with BurnInTest, I initially installed it to test my CPU because Prime95 was always detecting a hardware failure. Then I proceeded to check out my memory one by one. After only 28 memory cycles I already had over "200 serious errors" and memtest never saw anything wrong with that memory.


I just have 1 computer so it's not the best when trying to troubleshoot and I learned the hard way.


If you have bluescreens or a lot of programs crashing, check out your components with BurnInTest or any other similar tools, because memtest isn't enough.

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