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More bad RAM?


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Back in July I purchased a kit of TR3X6G1866C7GTF from Tiger Direct. I just got around to finishing my build found that 1 of the sticks was dead. I was not too suprised by this (these were sticks with the Elpedia chips).


Realizing now I was not going to have a PC for this potential lengthy RMA process, I spent most of my time bothering your RMA department. With their help, I was able to have you ship a replacement set expedited at my expense back to me.


I was very excited to recieve the package this morning; however after installing the new sticks and running Memtest86+ v4.00, I am disappointed again. The kit will not pass test #8, and is returning errors. Looks like all that trouble and extra expense to expedite the shipping back to me was not worth it at all.


I have the sticks installed in an eVGA x58 E759 Classified Board with an i7 965 EE processor (all running at stock speeds). The only thing I have done is enabled the XMP profile.


Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions before I contact Corsair again.



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Ok - so I was able to get the set to successfully pass Memtest.


When I enabled the XMP profile, by default it would increase my CPU VTT voltage to +350mV. I set all timings manually and am now able to successfully pass Memtest 4.00.

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