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Corsair TX950W RMA?


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Hi everyone!


I have a problem with a recently built PC. My Corsair has an EPS12v which you can split in two and get 2 4 pin ATX12v. My motherboard (asus p6t deluxe v2) has an 8pin connector. When i do the following, windows does not boot:

Plug the whole thing in (8 pin EPS12v into the motherboard EATX12v)

Plug in the splitted 4 pin ATX12v in ANY ORIENTATION POSSIBLE.


BUT! when I use an old dusty Deltaco 400w and plug its 4 pin (dont know what type it is) into the right side of the 8pin connector on the motherboard EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECTLY.


So, is my corsair TX950w defect? Should I RMA?

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