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HX1000 just went up like a roman candle...


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My PC was sitting idle while i was watching tv when i got a power warning come from my UPS. I wander over and power down and reset the ups. When the UPS came back up, I restarted power on my PC. the HX1000 started popping like a machine gun and the pc never booted. I'm *guessing* the sound were banks of capacitors going off inside the unit. I'm praying that the 3000 dollars worth of hardware were shielded from it. I did a quick sniff test in the case and all the smell is coming from the PSU so I am hopefull.


paperclip test as per the test support pages has no fan action on the PSU so I am assuming its dead like dinner.


Wondering what would cause a catastrophic failure of this excellent PSU in under 3 months. Maybe has a few hundred hours of time on it....


I dont have time for an RMA so I will replace it in the morning and RMA it if i cant get the store to just outright replace it. dissapointed.


At least the 12 gigs of corsair ram has been working great (if it still works now that is)

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