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Memory upgrade problems CM2x2048-8500C5D v1 & v2


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I recently upgraded to Windows7 64-bit, and wanted to upgrade from 4GB RAM to 8GB RAM. I have been running with CM2x2048-8500C5D for the past year.


I received my new memory, installed it, and the system refused to boot - no beeps on start, no progress past initial power and fans. I removed my original memory, installed just new memory, boots with no problem. The problem comes up when I try to run with 8GB RAM, system just won't start.


I compared the memory sticks, and noted that the only difference between the two is that one pair is marked 2.10V ver1.1 (my original memory) and the new pair is marked 2.10V ver1.2.


Originally I assumed this was defective memory and returned for RMA, but have observed the exact same behavior with the new memory, so am now trying to trouble shoot.


Any suggestions? This is quite frustrating.

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Hi, i have this exact same problem, just bought the v1.2 of this ram and currently running v1.1, any chance you are running an AMD machine?


ive tested the ram on 3 AMD machines with no luck, unfortunately i dont have an intel machine to test on nor know any one with one.

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Hi. That's funny, I had exactly the same issue (see post id 415292) on my Intel based system.


After a lot of searching, testing and heartache trying to get 8GB working, I have been happily (resigned-to) running with 6GB at 1066Mhz for 2-3 months using two v1.1 modules and one v2.1 module.


The 2nd v2.1 2GB module (bought as a matched pair in Sept 2009) was reassigned to my son's PC until earlier today when I had to remove it so I could RMA the 2.1 modules back to Corsair, as the 2GB module in my PC failed.


Fortunately, the set of v1.1 modules still work fine (bought Oct 2008) so I'm back to a trusty 4GB until the additional faulty modules are replaced, when I might have another (very brief) go at trying 8GB again.


It would be great to hear of any success stories from anyone whose got 8GB of this memory working (particularly in our MBs).

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