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Flash Voyager 8GB vs 16GB vs 16GB GT


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Dear all,


I am shopping for a USB flash drive, and have basically decided on the Flash Voyager series (my older DoK being the Voyager 2GB, which I like).


I am considering 8GB and 16GB models, and decided to read some reviews and opinions online, which eventually brought me to these forums, which have been a great source of information, but left me a bit confused.


I read several complaints about the 16GB models not living up to expectations when it comes to speed, and have seen the explanations by RAM GUY and others, about how older drives used SLC controllers, and new ones use the slower MLC, and about how it is impossible to make 16GB SLC drives. I also saw it mentioned that at some point the 8GB model was changed, and may not be as fast as before.


I would like to go for more storage, obviously, but I have to sacrifice significant speed for that, I will have to reconsider.


My current drive is the Voyager 2GB (blue). Got it somewhere in 2007. With it I got the following benchmarks:


Read (large files): 22-28 MB/s

Read (small files): 09-11 MB/s

Write (large files): 04-06 MB/s

Write (small files): 01-04 MB/s


I basically have three options to choose from: the Voyager 8GB (blue), the Voyager 16GB (blue) and the Voyager 16GB GT (red).


I would like to know how they compare to each other, and to my current drive.


1) Will the 16GB Voyager be slower than the 8GB Voyager (both regular blue versions)?

2) How does the 16GB GT (red) version compare to either of the above?

3) How will they compare to my current 2GB Voyager with the benches posted above?

4) What performance can I realistically expect of each of the drives? I saw some benchmarks in reviews around the web, but most of these are fairly dated, and as I understood, the current drives are not exactly like the old drives, so the numbers may not be accurate.


Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for the answer, RAM GUY. :)


How will the non-GT drives compare to my current non-GT 2GB drive? Same performance / more / less?


Also, in the meanwhile two more options came up - the Voyager Mini 8/16GB. I realize the Minis were not made for speed, but will they be comparable to the non-GT regular Voyagers, or noticeably slower?

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