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Dying Fan on HX620


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As of a week or so I've noticed a major slowdown in my computer and now, as of a couple of days, am finding my computer pink screening whenever I run even a semi demanding game.


I shut things down and lightly felt around - only to get my fingers burnt from the heat radiated from my PSU.


I bought the PSU along with my comp just over a year to this day (ordered Jan02, '09) and have encountered no issues with it until this.


Another thing I've noticed to is a very quiet, high pitch buzzing sound which is no real new - except it's only audible when the title screen of the Stalker games is showing....


So I don't know what to do besides hoping my warranty still holds and looking for a replacement...


I submitted a RMA request but I forget the date in which received the product.


I have the invoice number for the shipment and all the information included with the emails. I just don't have the physical invoice since I recently moved the Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island (inter-provincial) and such papers are out of hand atm, if I can relocate ever again....


I also didn't register my PSU online, which I judged to be of no harm since my cousin, and salesmen, convinced me that was only a formality for American residents.


Will these be fatal roadblocks for my RMA?


Thank you for your time.

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For the noise that occurs while at the title screen of games, try enabling vsync in the games video options.


There is no registration needed to have the PSU replaced, and the exact purchase date is not necessary. If you post your case number here I will get the RMA approved for you ASAP!

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