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ready to buy new ram or ? adjust settings on these ?


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Hi all and hello staff.


I bought a new system last year with the following specs in my profile.

Now everything is running as i think it should but i still have my doubts if i did make the right settings.


Most of the stuff on my bios is set to AUTO.. and i also ticked the XMP in my bios settings wich does the following.


If anyone can see something wrong on these pictures, please tell.

If you have any questions about mainboard settings let me know. I can take photo's.


I just want the best possible settings on these.. (not nessesarily Overclocked)








I also wondered What if i ordered the ''Corsair Dominator-GT - Memory - 6 GB ( 3 x 2 GB ) - DIMM 240-pins - DDR3 - 2000 MHz / PC3-16000 - CL8 - 1.65''


Would ram like that be better for my system then the ones i have ?

And if i would order them.. Can i run them on 2000Mhz without overclocking ?

Im just running stock coolers here.


Now i know a few things about Pc's etc..

But all my pc's that i had were AMD based systems with Nforce chipsets.

(wich are great BTW)

Now that i went with intel im confused, mainly becouse my first language isn't english i think.


Anyway's hope to hear from u all, and i'll get back to u.



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Our apologies. Occasionally, threads get overlooked.


You would need to run an OCed BClock of 143 to run at DDR2000 as the highest memory multiplier available is 14 (143 x 14). If you are not going to OC your CPU, then you would see very little improvement overall in going to a 2000C7 kit.

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