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My MB is EVGA x58 classified E760,with the XMP profile I get the recommended timing 8-8-8-24 110 1T,voltage on auto-1.65 but on bios>pc health status>DIMM Voltages is 1.7


On standard profile I have 9-9-9-24 74 1T,voltage on auto-1.6 on bios>pc health status is 1.65.


Manual settings give me the same 0,5V diff on PC Health Status,for the DIMM Voltages.


I run memtest86,memtest86+ and memscope,no error.I dunno why is this 0,5 diff.Is this dangerous?

What is your recommendation in this case,if you need more info lemme know.

Please consider me a noob.


CPU i7 975

MB EVGA x58 classified E750

GPU gtx285 1Gbx2 sli

RAM 6Gb CMG6GX3M3A2000C8

PSU Thermaltake W0133RU 1200W


Thank you,

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