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Flash Voyager 32 GB not recognized


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In Windows Vista 64, Win 7 64, XP 32 (on two computers) and Ubuntu 9.10 my Flash Voyager 32 Gig USB drive is not being recognized. I can't get to the point of formatting the drive because Windows and Linux do not see it. It went south on the 64 bit OSes first so I was able to back it up on an XP machine. Now, not even the XP machines will recognize it. There was no physical or software occurrence that I can think of that coincided with this problem. I was still using the original format on the drive.


I bought the drive 12 / 08 or shortly there after. It has been a great companion. Its hard to beat so much storage in such a small device.


I was wondering if there was something I could do to revive it.





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I just received my replacement 32GB voyager and I couldn't be happier.


I've already wrote a review on amazon telling of my very good experience here with Corsair and how they backed their warranty w/o pain.


You guys rock.


I really didn't expect this - had forgot about the warranty - I only had hopes to possibly re-format it.


I will make it a point to tell my friends about my experience - again - Thanks!!


Chris Vaisvil



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