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Memtest86+ ... fails in Dual Channel Mode only!


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Okay first of all, my memory only fails when it's COLD! So after a few minutes of power on time memtest86+ starts passing everything making my troubleshooting very hard! So my tests may not be 100% accurate.


I've already got an RMA in place, just want to do some further testing to isolate the issue:


The story:


New 2x2gb kit CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 from NCIX.com


Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D Pro LGA1156

CPU: i5 750

Antistatic wriststrap: Lockd & loaded :laughing:

PSU: Antec CP-850


Failed from: Day 1. (memtest86+ 4.0 / 2.11)



- DIMM 0 by itself

- DIMM 1 by itself

- at any point when the system has warmed up for about (?) 20 minutes



- In Dual Channel mode, when the system has been on for less than (?) 20 minutes

EDIT: - Failed today in single channel mode as well



Failure is always (I think) @ DIMM 0, usually between 1785M and 1797M , sometimes in the 12xxM range.


Test # 5,6,7 have the most failures.


Bios has been set to defaults (no overclocking/voltage mods/etc.)




I want to know whats going on more than anything!


Can post camera pictures of memtest86+... (don't know how to log... lol)

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