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Asus P5N-D with twin2x4096-6400C5 G


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I have a Asus P5N-D mother board with the twin2x4096-6400C5 g memory chips. I have set the chipset in the bios totCL = 5, rRCP = 5, Trp = 5,tRAS = 18,tRC = not sure? Commands per clock = 2 clock, I have also set jumper free configration with Ai tuning = Manual, Overclock = Disabled, Voltage control not sure what to set there, and the fsb & memory config not sure too. I get lock up when playing online games a lot. I'm also having an over heating problem on the cpu. I have an intel2 quad core 2.83 cpu. With a 750 watt power supply to run the system. I had a 500 watt one but it went bad. I've ordered a new cpu fan to help the cooling problem. The one the came with the cpu used to keep in about 70c but now it goes up to 90c. I have a geforce 6800 video card in system. I have run memory test a couple time and it passes, and these test lasted over 2:30 minutes long to run a full test. So is the any thing that you can do to help me with this sysyem?
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