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Mixing memory sticks


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I originally bought two 2gb kits (4x1gb) and unfortunately four of them didn't really work with my motherboard. So, because I chose not to return them, I've got an extra stick.


Now I am unsure if I should buy a 2x1gb kit or just brand new memory units.


Reason for is that the memory units I bought (viewable in profile) are no longer in sale here so I have to buy another type.


Would this 2gb kit work nicely with my current memory so I'd have 6 gigs of memory in total?

Corsair XMS3 2GB (2x1024MB) 1600MHz DDR3

Model: TW3X2G1600C9DHX
Frequency: 1600MHz DDR3
Latency: 9-9-9-24
Recommended Voltage: 1.80V


They don't seem to differ from my current units apart from latency. These ones I've got now got 7-7-7-20.


So, is it safe for me to buy that kit or would there be incompatibility issues?

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I am sorry but mixing memory is not officially supported and or suggested.

You are welcome to try what ever you like but it would be a gamble if they would work or not. Most likely you have to run them at DDR1333 or DDR1066 to make the system stable if it would even post, even if you have two sets that do match.


always better to buy a single matched kit than run the risk of wasting money.

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