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MacBook Pro and P256: Benchmarking.


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Hi All...


Now I am not one for going mental over benchmarks. It does intrigue me as to why there is such a marked variation in performance in just five days from "out of the box" installation.


At this point, the drive is less than 50% full. Now I can see that the read performance is essentially the same.


If you overlay the two graphs you can clearly see the change in write performance in such a short time. It's also interesting to note that the write performance is almost identical in some parts, but radically changes in others.


Thanks for any comments and ideas.


Out of the box install Benchmark. This was a quick format, and a SuperDuper clone restore.



Five Days later.





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Just a bit more info, here is a benchmark overlay of my old "competitors" SSD 25g6GB Falcon on the same laptop, with exactly the same OS (clone). The difference in time between the charts is about two months.


You can see, there is not a great deal of variation.


As I said, I am not one to go crazy about benchmarks, it's pretty obvious that an SSD is fast. My only question is why there is such a variation with the Corsair SSD in only a few days..?? Particularly in write performance.



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