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x64 whats wrong with this picture


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I have just completed installing Windows 7 64bit on a brand new x64 RMA


The SSD was Quick formatted at 32k and Windows 7 installed (base drivers only), with all Win 7 tweaks. Drive shows 2.0 firmware


This is the result:



The results TOTALLY stink for a brand new SSD and a 3hr fresh install.



Here are the last results on my old SSD that failed(4 months of hard use, and 2 reinstalls and 35gigs of Apps) Test below taken 2 weeks before failure.

As you can see, only Write performance had been going down, before it failed...



My old drive was performing WAY WAY better after 4 months than my brand new RMA replacement.



Another RMA? I am beginning to wonder why I bought this.


Dont get me wrong, I LOVE my SSD. But it looks like I have a lemon.


What a piss off

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