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Foxconn Black OPs and 1600C9 Issue

Dragon Alfa

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Im trying to solve a problem with my computer, it worked fine for about 4 months until the other day it wouldnt boot. i keep getting a post error.

Im wondering if it could be the ram as Foxconn are telling me its a ram problem and want to be sure. Ive removed hardware to minimal to try and solve the problem. If i remove the ram the motherboard constantly beeps this is because theres no ram right? but if i put the ram into either dimm 1/3 or 2/4 it runs then beeps and i get an error code on my motherboard. (Its not the normal 1 beep then everything boots fine)

I cant borrow any more ram to see if that works either, everything is still under guarantee.

Do you thinks its a ram problem?

any help would be great


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