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Advise on X64 please


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Hello all,


I have a X64 since a few weeks now.

(also waiting for the TRIM, but let's not get there :roll: )


Installing was simple: backup old (RAID) drive, throw it (via Acronis) on the SSD and you're good to go.


Quite happy, until this weekend... I did some Photoshopping (CS3).

During my work, the system seemed a little slow at some times (writing files, saving files) so I decided to down a fresh copy of ATTO and run the test.


This is its result:


This was my expression: :eek: :confused: :mad:


What is your advise?

Backup again and 'redo' my SSD?


Should I reinstall Windows (7)? Since it was an "old" copy of my RAID configuration. Or can I just backup the one which is running now (OS runs just fine) and restore it (which sound weird to me, since all data is back in it's old place... what does one gain then?).



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I would suggest using Accronis to make and image of the drive then use Parted magic to Wipe the drive under tools select Erase Disk and Secure Erase and then, install the drive on the system you will be using it as a second HDD and format it with the QUICK Option Only and 32k Allocation then test it with Atto again to be sure its running properly then delete the partition and image the drive back to its original image and you are done.
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Cheers for your response RamGuy,


But eeeehm, install it as second drive?

Why would I want to do that?

I have it as my system drive now as well. Perhaps my Engrish is a biet sluggy... ;): (I know I'm Dutch... no point in making fun of that :laughing: )

But I want it to be my OS/system drive. Or are you advising not to ??? (and stick to my RAID for as long as the TRIM is not available yet?)

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