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3GB to 6GB - what do you recommend


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Hi, just bought a P6T (non Deluxe), i7 920 (C0) and a 3 GB DDR3 kit (TR3X3G1600C8D) on a well known auction site.


It's my first i7 build and I've ordered an H50-1 to complete the system (using my existing P180 and 4890). I hope to reach 3.5 plus but won't go too far.


Question - I'd like to move to 6GB - would I be OK adding another 3GB kit and populating all 6 slots (cheapest option) - I'm not too worried by ultimate speed but would want stability and not sure about 6 x 1GB on a P6T. Or should I buy a 3 x 2GB kit and sell the 3 x 1 GB? Or any other suggestion.





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