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HX620 - Blowing internal fuse!


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I had a HX620 up until 2 weeks ago before it died. I tried to do an RMA as there was over a year of warranty left. To my suprise the RMA came through but gave me a USA address (I'm in the UK and it would cost me £46 to send it there!) After trying to contact you several times i have had no reply to my question requesting an RMA to the netherlands instead.


As all i was completely ignored i thought it would be cheaper, quicker and easier to change the fuse myself which sadly blew instantly!


I have since bought a HX850 (not sure if this was a good idea after this carry on) but i still want to get this one repaired to keep as a spare.


Has i have now voided the warranty, Is there anyway of having this repaired (even if i have to pay?) but i will not ship it to the USA due to costs!

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